Our Story

Allcustomwear specializes in providing customized software solutions that help you manage your employee programs, including corporate uniform programs, employee performance recognition, budgetary management systems, and much more. We cater to customers that need more than just a vendor-client relationship. We take a customized approach for each client to meet their specific needs. If you want a canned solution…we’ll have to build you one.

We excel at Employee Uniform Programs for companies with a large, distributed network of employees, strict branded uniform requirements, and who are tired of inventory risk or lack of flexibility in their uniform guidelines. Typical clients utilizing our Employee Uniform platform are large healthcare networks, restaurant franchises, retailers with 1,000+ store locations, nationwide logistics and delivery companies, etc.

We also excel at Employee Rewards and Motivation Programs or other short term Merchandise-Based situations. In particular, we have a proven solution for companies who desire to implement a Safety Rewards Program that is both effective as well as legally compliant with OSHA Section 11(c) language.

A major benefit to our clients is that we are building these solutions on our own, not borrowing the technology from a third party. We look to our customers for direction on each new development. So, when one client asks for an Employee Payroll Deduction integration or an iPhone and Android Mobile App, or something in between, all of our clients benefit.

Of course none of this would be possible without our vertically integrated merchandise supply chain. We have the ability to customize apparel & accessories in-house with our 450 embroidery heads and 9 automatic screen print machines running on 3 shifts per day. We also have key partnerships with 1,000's of suppliers worldwide and our own distribution facility to support any non-apparel merchandise needs. When you put our technology and our production together, the results are a best-in-class, vertically integrated supply chain company that is able to manage every aspect of the client program under one roof.