Employee Uniform Program

Our solution was specifically designed for companies with a large number of employees that are distributed in many locations like Healthcare Networks, large Franchise Networks, large companies with decentralized employees, and Retailers with many locations. Our On-Demand model means that our clients have zero inventory risk and the employees are able to order their own uniforms directly from a customized eCommerce platform capable of managing employee allotments, payroll deductions and/or credit card transactions.

Client References: Jo-Ann Fabric, Henry Ford Health System, Eisenhower Health, INTEGRIS Health, Children's Mercy Hospital, Lutheran Health Network, Deaconess Hospital, University of Iowa Healthcare, St. Mark's Hospital - Salt Lake City, UT, Campbell County Memorial Hospital, Spitzer Automotive Group

OSHA Compliant Safety Incentive Platform

Our Safety Incentive Platform ensures you are compliant with Section 11(c) of OSHA by providing positive incentives that promote safety awareness and worker participation in safety-related activities.

Client References: JE Dunn Construction, Jo-Ann Fabric, St. Mark's Hospital - Salt Lake City, UT, Campbell County Memorial Hospital

Budget Management System

Clients are using our platform to manage their Corporate Merchandise Budgets, whether it be a single marketing department in the U.S. or many different divisions needing a coordinated merchandise solution in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Each user or department can be controlled with separate spending limits and merchandise selections. And since we are a single point of control, our clients know there will be brand consistency system-wide.

Client References: Eisenhower Health, Children's Mercy Hospital, INTEGRIS Health, JE Dunn Construction, Henry Ford Health System, Deaconess Hospital, Spitzer Automotive Group

Direct-To-Consumer eCommerce

Our eCommerce solution is perfect for Association Membership Drives, Customer Loyalty Programs, Spirit Wear Programs, or even basic E-Company Stores. There's no need to invest in inventory that may never sell because we deliver a finished product that is made to order whether the order is for 1 unit or 1 million units. The user eCommerce experience is clean and professional and the look and feel of your site will be completely customized per the client's direction.

Client References: Sporting Kansas City, INTEGRIS Health, JE Dunn Construction

Custom Application Development

Many of our clients have such a unique need that they choose to engage us to develop a one-of-a-kind solution just for them. When the solution supports their employees directly in conjunction with another aspect of our platform, we are in a unique position to develop the best solution at an unmatchable cost.

Client References: JE Dunn Construction

On-Site Uniform Fittings and Sales

Allcustomwear brings the retail experience to you with our On-Site Fitting and Sales team. Our team will bring a wide selection of all of the approved styles for your employees to try on and purchase, from Scrubs to Workwear to Executive Wear to Shoes and Accessories and more.

Our custom On-Site point of sale solution supports credit cards, employee vouchers and payroll deduction payment methods. And the best part is that we will leave you with a customized eCommerce site to support any on-going sales or inquiries.

Client References: Children's Mercy Hospital, Deaconess Hospital, INTEGRIS Health

Retail Merchandise Made Easy

Many of our clients rely on us to develop merchandise that will promote their cause or event, or maybe even just to sell in their gift shop or retail store. Let our team of merchandisers and graphic artist put together some concepts for you.

Visit our Idea Incubator to get some merchandising ideas.

Client References: Sporting Kansas City, Children's Mercy Hospital, INTEGRIS Health, Deaconess Hospital, University of Iowa Healthcare

A Turn-Key Solution to Fundraising Through Merchandise Sales OnLine

Our Fundraising sites provide the platform for our clients to create a fundraising campaign without having to make risky investments in merchandise that might not sell.

Client References: University of Iowa Healthcare, St. Mark's Hospital - Salt Lake City, UT

Employee Rewards Platform

Our Employee Rewards Platform was specifically designed for companies with employee measurement systems, peer-to-peer recognition needs, Health & Wellness achievement programs, Employee Retention programs and Safety Achievement programs. Our platform can integrate with a Client's existing systems or it can be completely turn-key. And, since we have an On-Demand production model, there is no need to invest in merchandise inventory.

Client References: JE Dunn Construction