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Our Employee Rewards Platform is currently being used by large, publicly traded companies with thousands of employees and smaller, growing companies alike. In all cases motivating your employees to accomplish their goals is an important component to success.

Our platform is simple to implement and can integrate with a Client's existing systems or it can be completely turn-key. And, since we have an On-Demand production model, there is no need to invest in merchandise inventory resulting in an instant return on investment from the first day.

Built upon the same production model, our mobile applications enable employees to utilize our platform wherever they are right from their mobile devices. This is a great solution for companies whose employees are always on the road or maybe who don't have computers with internet access at home.

You can download our mobile apps for Android or iPhone here:

Specifically designed for Companies with…

Peer-to-Peer recognition programs
Defined employee performance measurement systems
Health & wellness achievement programs
Employee retention programs
Safety achievement programs


Integrates with existing employee performance measurement systems
Secure accounts for employees to redeem rewards
Merchandise can be branded with company logo
Customized content and merchandise categories (not a canned solution)


• Zero Risk of Inventory- we offer a Just In Time (JIT) merchandise management platform.

• Large Product Selection- Because there is no inventory, a wide variety of merchandise can be offered to motivate all employee groups.

• Program management- We manage the entire program, allowing our customers to remained focus on their primary job responsibilities.

• Reporting and data- Our platform captures user data to report pertinent information regarding program participation.

Case Study:

Time Warner Cable Business Class was looking for solutions to reduce the high cost of turnover among account managers. With limited human resources available, TWCBC searched for a solution that could manage the program automatically. Corporate initiatives for increased brand exposure were also desired to be part of the overall program.

We developed a branded merchandise program with zero risk of inventory. The program includes apparel, business accessories, and personal use items. Employees are allowed to redeem for merchandise every 90 days. Employee retention has increased by 28% over the course of the program.

Client References: