JE Dunn Implements an iPhone-based Safety/Rewards Platform and Saves Big

Clients — JE Dunn Construction

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JE Dunn Construction is a leading provider of construction management services, design-build, and integrated project delivery. As one of the largest general building companies in the United States, they needed a safety program that they couldn't get from a canned solution.

We conducted on-site focus studies at multiple construction sites to evaluate their current program and we identified exactly what needed to be developed for them. Working in conjunction with their Risk Management executive team, we were able to design a completely custom solution that was exactly what they needed.

The solution we developed is called Safety Smart ( and it's working incredibly well. Costs associated with work-comp claims are down, safety goals are being met, and JEDunn now has real-time visibility to what efforts are working best.

In addition to the Safety Smart program, we launched an E-Company Store ( that gives their employees and sub-contractors access to a fresh selection of merchandise at great prices. Built on our proprietary platform, is much more than just an E-Company store. Departments can login and access their budgets, Subsidiaries can purchase co-branded merchandise at reduced prices with their own logos added to the products, and there is no inventory risk for JE Dunn!