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Our Budget Management System is actually a full-blown Vendor Relationship Management Platform (VRM). We never really thought of it as a VRM because most of what our clients are managing with our system is produced by us, but over time, more and more clients were wanting us to manage their spending on categories that we were not producing in-house.

Today clients are using our platform to manage their Corporate Merchandise Budgets, whether it be a single marketing department in the U.S. or many different divisions needing a coordinated merchandise solution in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Each user or department can be controlled with separate spending limits and merchandise selections. And since we are a single point of control, our clients know there will be brand consistency system-wide.

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Specifically designed for Companies that…

Want to better control corporate spend on branded merchandise
Want to manage multiple department budgets while protecting brand identity
Are looking to reduce waste or management of employee on-boarding merchandise
Desire to automate distribution of branded merchandise for annual corporate recognition (Holiday gifts, Nurses Week, Employee Appreciation)


Provides Management to Corporate Merchandise Budgets
Controls departmental or branch office category spend
Allows Individual Employee Accounts with Controlled Budget Spending
Provides Calendar Budget Reporting
Customized website


• Zero Risk of Inventory- we offer a Just In Time (JIT) merchandise management platform.

• Large Product Selection- Because there is no inventory, a wide variety of merchandise can be offered to motivate all employee groups.

• Program management- we manage the entire program, allowing our customers to remain focused on their primary job responsibilities.

• Reporting and data- Our platform captures a full report of all user data and limits available spend by individual or department.

Case Study:

Protiviti has a nationwide employee base and found it difficult to manage providing a holiday gift for each person. Previously, they simply sent gift cards or gas cards to eliminate the burden of producing, sorting and sending logo branded merchandise.

We designed a custom program that offered Fitbits, Promotional Items and Logo branded Merchandise. We uploaded $75 into 1,500 accounts and allowed their employees to place their individual orders and drop-shipped each order directly to their homes. Our inventory free solution eliminated waste of budgeted dollars and removed the need for human resources to manage the process.