OSHA Compliant Safety Incentive Platform

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Some employers establish programs that unintentionally provide employees an incentive to not report injuries. For example, an employer might enter all employees who have not been injured in the previous year in drawing to win a prize or bonus. While this type of program might be well-intended, it is, in fact, illegal because it violates Section 11(c) of the OSHA code.

Our Safety Rewards Programs ensure you are compliant with Section 11(c) of OSHA by providing positive incentives that promote safety awareness and worker participation in safety-related activities. We are well versed in the OSHA language and we can help you navigate it safely and quickly.

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Specifically designed for Companies with…

Safety achievement programs

Employees working in positions with risk of injury
Concerns about OSHA compliance
High costs associated with workers compensation


Integrates with existing employee performance measurement systems
Merchandise can be branded with company logo
Customized content that can be managed by cl(not a canned solution)


• OSHA Complaint.

• Zero Risk of Inventory- we offer a Just In Time (JIT) merchandise management platform.

• Large Product Selection- Because there is no inventory, a wide variety of merchandise can be offered to motivate all employee groups.

• Program management- We manage the entire program, allowing our customers to remained focus on their primary job responsibilities.

• Reporting and data- Our platform captures user data to report pertinent information regarding program participation.

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