We were chosen to implement a Uniform Standardization Program at CCMH.

Clients — Campbell County Memorial Hospital

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In an effort towards achieving new levels of Excellence Every Day, Campbell County Memorial Hospital decided to implement a standardized uniform program for its employees. This program would help patients, visitors and even employees identify the different roles the employees play in their daily work roles by the color of their uniforms.

A task force was formed to look at the opportunity, and although it made a lot of sense to pursue, there were a lot of questions that needed to be answered before a uniform program effecting almost the entire employee base could be implemented.

The biggest challenge in moving forward with the decision was figuring out how to provide a range of choices for employees, all of which have different tastes and have a wide array of body sizes and shapes.

This is where our platform fits as a best-of-class solution. We can provide all of the brands and styles that people have grown to love, and we can offer them in every color. This is something that would be impossible for a traditional retailer to do. And, our eCommerce platform is unique in that it supports credit cards, employee allotments and payroll deduction as forms of payment.

Our Healthcare Employee Uniform Platform was the perfect turn-key solution making the decision to implement a best practice an easy decision.