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We excel at providing employee uniform programs for companies with a large number of employees that are distributed in many locations. Our solution was specifically designed for Healthcare Networks, large Franchise Networks, large companies with decentralized employees, and Retailers with many locations. Our On-Demand model means that our clients have zero inventory risk and the employees are able to order their own uniforms directly from a customized eCommerce platform capable of managing employee allotments, payroll deductions and/or credit card transactions.

Built upon the same production model, our mobile applications enable employees to utilize our platform wherever they are right from their mobile devices. This is a great solution for companies whose employees are always on the road or maybe who don't have computers with internet access at home.

You can download our mobile apps for Android or iPhone here:

Specifically designed for…

Healthcare networks
Companies with decentralized employees
Retailers with multiple locations


On-demand production model for company uniforms through a customized website
Streamlined ordering process designed for large or decentralized workforce
Minimum order quantity of 1
Employee or company purchase models supported
Payroll Deduction Integration
Uniform allotment set by company, location, individual, etc…


• Zero Risk of Inventory- we offer a Just In Time (JIT) wearable program eliminating the need for inventory.

• Large Product Selection- Because there is no inventory, the product offering can be expanded to offer a wide variety of styles, color and price points.

• Brand identity- we control your brand identity, providing a single source of purchase with national distribution capabilities.

• Automated Order management- our proprietary platform tracks ordering in real time to help our customers manage important data

Case Study:

Sherwin Williams operates approximately 4,000 paint stores throughout the United States, with nearly 33,000 employees. They were looking for a uniform solution that did not require a lengthy contract or a large investment in slow moving inventory. Beyond the basic employee uniform, a larger product offering was also requested for management and other non-store employees.

Our on-demand approach was the perfect solution. Not only did we reduce the overall cost of managing the program, we eliminated the risk of wasteful inventory. Furthermore, we expanded the product offering to include name brand apparel. As a consequence of our inventory-free solution, additional options are refreshed seasonally.