Volunteer Services @ Deaconess Hospital teams up with Allcustomwear to Fund Initiatives

Clients — Deaconess Hospital

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Until April 2005 Deaconess was the only independent hospital operating in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Now affiliated with Triad Hospitals, Deaconess finds itself in rapid growth mode causing them to look for some new solutions that can grow right along with them.

Our merchandising platform was an excellent match for the new Deaconess. We have a turn-key solution that requires no day-to-day effort on the part of the hospital administration. All that is needed is to give us a little direction and we do all of the work. We do everything from designing merchandise campaigns that are aligned with your initiatives from Nurses Week to Volunteers Week to Autism Week, to launching and managing E-Commerce sites, to customer support and all aspects of order delivery and management.

The Hospital Administrators are now freed up from all of the paperwork and busy-work associated with managing fundraising campaigns. In the end, all that is required of the Hospital is to cash royalty checks!